This Designer Can’t Put Her Profession on Her Résumé

Updated 05/05/19

Fashion designer Sadaf Tahvildarzadeh pushes through the obstacles of being a woman doing her dream work in Iran. “We have so many rules and restrictions that we have to work around,” Sadaf tells Refinery29. She started working in fashion back in 2000, a time when Iranian women’s wardrobes were “very limited.” Sadaf recalled the time before the Islamic Revolution “when the Iranian people were famous for their attractive clothes and there was high fashion [in Iran].” Her beautiful color-saturated designs are both a throwback to that era and a look forward to the future.

Sadaf is an inspiration for women to pursue their dreams and conquer any challenges that we may face. Watch this video and be inspired by her strength and determination, despite the fact that she can't even put her profession on her résumé.

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