The "Healthy" Foods You Should Probably Avoid at Your Fourth of July Cookout

On a surface level, most of the barbecue food at your Fourth of July event might seem relatively healthy. After all, lean protein and salads are a pretty safe option when you're trying to make smart food choices, right? Unfortunately, Delish points out that a few of the dishes that are usually considered "healthy" are actually quite high in fat. 

Key offenders on their list include high-fat cuts of meat (especially those doused in barbecue sauce), high-carbohydrate potato salad, and processed store-bought dips. Even salads got a mention, thanks to the array of creamy dressings they're usually topped with. 

Trying to be healthy this Fourth of July? Steer clear of these common cookout foods. 

  1. Ribs: Neither spareribs or baby back ribs fall into the USDA's guidelines for lean meat, Delish points out. 
  2. Corn on the cob: Corn is a healthy option on its own, but not when it's slathered with butter, salt, and toppings. 
  3. Potato salad:. Sure, it might be called a salad, but watch out for this high-carbohydrate option. It's loaded with mayonnaise, which causes the nutritional content to dip. 
  4. Steak: Fatty cuts like a T-bone or rib-eye can contain almost 40 grams of fat. 
  5. Dips: Opt for homemade over the store-bought variety so you know exactly what's in it. 

What's your go-to healthy Fourth of July dish?