The 5 "Healthy" Foods You Should Probably Avoid at Your Fourth of July Cookout

On a surface level, most of the barbecue food at your Fourth of July event might seem relatively healthy. After all, lean protein and salads are a pretty safe option when you're trying to make smart food choices, right? Unfortunately, Delish points out that a few of the dishes that are usually considered "healthy" are actually quite high in fat. 

Key offenders on their list include high-fat cuts of meat (especially those doused in barbecue sauce), high-carbohydrate potato salad, and processed store-bought dips. Even salads got a mention, thanks to the array of creamy dressings they're usually topped with. Trying to be healthy this Fourth of July? Steer clear of the common cookout foods below if you're sticking to a low-cholesterol, low-carb, and low-cal diet, plus some ideas on summer recipes to make instead.