Is My Partner Still Interested in Me?

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No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, you may be wondering if he or she is still interested in you. After all, there may be many instances when you feel that they are totally dedicated, invested, and committed to you and your relationship in general, but then there may be times when you can’t help but wonder if their sentiments are slowly changing and fading. Whatever the case may be, if you’re trying to determine if your partner is still interested in you, there are six tell-tale signs that can help you recognize if their interest in you is piqued or has peaked.

Your Partner Is Fully Present

One of the clear signs that your partner is still quite interested in you is that they are totally present when you’re together. In other words, rather than being glued to a phone, laptop, or to the TV, your partner’s focus is on you when you’re with one another. In fact, if your partner is totally distracted, disengaged, and would rather place their attention on anything other than you, this person isn’t very interested in being your significant other.

Your Partner Openly Communicates With You

Another indicator that your partner is still invested in you and your relationship is that he or she is open, honest, and forthright. In fact, when your partner confides in you and is comfortable sharing his or her true thoughts, feelings, and opinions, it’s clear that they are interested in building a strong bond and connection with you. On the other hand, if your partner doesn’t care to open up to you and completely shuts down the lines of communication, their interest in you is shutting down as well.

Your Partner Is Reliable

If you’re wondering whether or not your partner is still interested in you, it’s also important to take a closer look at their actions. Is your partner dependable? Can you take your partner at his or her word? If your partner is fully interested in making your relationship work, they will be highly reliable and trustworthy. However, when you can’t truly count on your partner, you can count on the fact that he or she is losing interest in you.

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Your Partner Performs Random Acts of Kindness

An additional sign that your partner is still highly interested in you is that he or she wants to make you happy. In fact, when your partner is fully committed to you, he or she will go out of his or her way to surprise you, help you and/or simply be kind and generous in a way that makes your life better. In other words, whether this person showers you with gifts or lends a helping hand to fix your clogged shower, his or her end goal is to be with you in the end.

Your Partner Is Willing to Disagree With You

While it may seem surprising, when your partner is fully interested in you, he or she will be willing to disagree with you from time to time. In fact, conflict plays a vital role in developing a long-lasting relationship, as it helps to improve your communication skills as a couple as well as enables you to work as a team to resolve the issue at hand. On the other hand, when your partner isn’t truly invested or dedicated to you and your relationship, he or she will no longer care enough to disagree with you. And when your partner doesn’t think it’s even worth mentioning his or her differing opinion or point of view, it’s because he or she feels that it’s simply not worth it in every sense.

Your Partner Talks About Your Future as a Couple

If you’re wondering if your partner is still interested in you, he or she will also take a strong interest in your future together. With this in mind, when you and your partner are on the same page about where things are heading and can openly discuss what you truly want going forward, this is a clear sign that your partner is in it for the long haul. However, if your partner completely avoids talking about your future as a couple, it’s likely because there isn’t one.

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