4 Warning Signs You've Taken Healthy Eating Too Far

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We all aim to practice a healthy eating habit. From choosing nutritious, whole foods to nixing harmful sugars, we more or less know what choices keep us on the right track. But have you considered that it's possible to overdo it? Dietitian Susie Burrell recently examined the danger of taking things too far with clean eating on MyBody+Soul, naming cutting out all possible sugars or banning all carbs as some examples. Only allowing yourself a limited variety of foods—even though they're all unprocessed and packed with nutrients—can be unhealthy in and of itself. The results are unintentionally losing weight and suffering from a low mood. So even when the foods in question are good for the body, having an obsessive relationship with food can be harmful. Here are four warning signs Burrell calls out.

You feel tired constantly. Limiting the foods you intake can mean you're lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. When we're too aggressive about cutting out the bad it can be possible to accidentally cut out the good along with it.

You have been experiencing recurring injuries. When our bodies aren't getting the energy they need to function properly, and when we're fatigued from lack of food, we're more accident-prone and apt to hurt ourselves. Our bodies are also less equipped to bounce back as they would if we were committed to a wholesome diet.

Your skin is dull. Skin has a way of revealing health. If you've noticed your skin looking more lifeless, your diet is probably not addressing your body's needs. Expanding your eating plan to include more foods can help bring life back to your skin and boost your mood.

Your period has gone MIA. While it's normal for periods to occasionally switch up their schedule, if you've gone a long while without menstruating, it could be due to your diet. Not eating enough messes with your hormones. Find balance by making sure you're adopting a sustainable eating plan that provides you with a range of foods and allows for moderation.

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