Is LaCroix Actually Healthy? A Dietitian Sets the Record Straight

When it comes to trending beverages in America, LaCroix definitely sits near the top of the list. The sparkling water has become nearly ubiquitous in the last few years, infiltrating grocery stores, bodegas, communal office refrigerators, countless homes and apartments, and more. But what actually is LaCroix? While the label clearly states "naturally flavored sparkling water" with "no sweeteners, no calories, and no sodium," Carolyn Brown, MS, RD, would argue that it's not that simple.

"Let me first jump off my high nutritionist horse and lead with the good: It's absolutely a better option than soda, diet or otherwise," she writes over on Shape. "But if you've already cleaned up your diet, are eating veggies and mainly whole foods, pay attention to ingredient labels, and take your health seriously, here are a few factors to consider." Namely, she wants LaCroix lovers to consider the actual meaning of "natural flavoring," in addition to the carbonation and the BPA found in the cans.