This Is the Healthiest Way to Make a Margarita

Updated 06/19/19
Half Baked Harvest

If Saturday has you craving a little south-of-the-border flavor, but you don't want to veer off your mindful eating plan, consider swapping out your go-to tequila with a healthier alternative. What promises to deliver a delicious margarita minus the questionable fillers—from corn to sulfates and artificial flavors—found in many tequilas? Mezcal—another Mexican liquor made from agave but more strictly regulated, so it's superior when it comes to ingredients, craftmanship, and your wellness.

This tequila alternative is currently trending, especially among the health-conscious set, so Well+Good highlighted some of mezcal's wellness benefits. Gem&Bolt co-founder Adrin Adrina notes how mezcal is becoming the "spirit of choice" among those wanting to make healthy choices while drinking, explaining, "It's the cleanest spirit on the market due to its traditional production process and the fact that mezcal must contain 100% agave by law." Its flavor, which boasts earthy, smoky notes, is notably more complex than that of its tequila cousin, meaning it's better consumed by sipping slowly than by throwing back shots. Additionally, its heavier, richer flavor will encourage you to pace yourself while drinking to enjoy its complexity, reducing your risk of overdoing it.

To make your margarita even healthier, add in some kombucha for some tasty carbonation your gut will thank you for.

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