Tour This It Girl's Industrial Downtown L.A. Bedroom

Think about it… There really is one place where your day begins and ends: your bed. And for those of you ladies who may not already know this, a messy bed definitely means a messy head.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for the works (full-fledged hotel styling not required). However, it’s important to make your bed—and the space around it—a sanctuary of sorts, a place you can slip into every night after you’ve spent a day bustling around, and also where you can have meditative mornings. Jewelry designer, Jess Hannah, who knows a thing or two about being a busy gal, shares how she styles her bedding from Parachute, why making her bed is vital to her well-being, and how her space is a getaway from her everyday hustle.

 Keep reading for tips on how to make your bed the sanctuary you need.


“I’m really into a monochrome look for my bed. Sheets, pillows, and duvet all the same color, with maybe a pop from a throw blanket. I think this just keeps things less busy in the room and looks cleaner. My life is a neutral color palette.” — Jess Hannah


“A comfy bed is definitely the key to a perfect bedroom. I have a feather mattress topper, and I’m super particular about my Parachute pillows and sheets.” — Jess Hannah


“I’m lucky to have a studio/office in my loft, so I get to keep my nightstand clean and just the essentials while I keep all of the other crap I hoard in my studio. On my nightstand I keep my perfume, a candle, storage for the jewels I wore that day, and a few light reads.” — Jess Hannah


“I know we spend a third of our life sleeping, which is all the more reason I opt for quality bedding like Parachute.” — Jess Hannah

Is your bedroom the sanctuary you seek after a long day? Tell us in the comments.