Take Note: These Are the Most Beautiful Italian Baby Names for Girls

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Italians sure know how to do a lot of things the right way, whether it’s cooking, architecture, or high fashion, but now we can add one more to that ever-growing list—naming their daughters. According to the Italian National Institute for Statistics, these are some of the most popular names Italian moms gave their daughters in 2015. Although you may notice that some are not all too different from girl names in the States, their beautiful spellings lend them an exotic feel. They're perfectly pretty and oh so sweet. Scroll down to see the top trending Italian baby names for girls we're swooning over right this very moment.


This elegant name is derived from the Greek name "Sophia" and means "wisdom." It dates as far back as the Middle Ages when it was bestowed upon female royals.

It has made quite the resurgence lately in the States with a "ph," but it's the version with an "f" that is still exceedingly popular abroad, including Spain, Scandinavia, and Italy (of course, home to the famous film star Sofia Loren).


This may very well be our favorite Italian baby name for girls. You may recognize it as the title given to Sleeping Beauty in the famous Disney movie, but it is also a rising name in popularity, from the 66th most popular girls name in 2016 to the 40th most popular in 2019 in the U.S. This radiant choice comes from the Latin word for "dawn" and also has connotations with the northern lights. How's that for a princess name?


This sweet name is the Italian version of "Julia," meaning "youthful." It's revered as a traditional girl's name in Italy, so much so that when an Italian couple named their daughter "Andrea"—previously used only for boys—the court renamed the child "Giulia." (The country's Supreme Court later overruled the decision.) Younger actress Debi Mazar is on board with the moniker, having given it to her youngest daughter.


This rustic namesake is an Italian variation on the American "George," meaning "farmer." The name "Georgia" reached the height of its popularity in the United States during the 1940s, with nearly 2500 female babies with that name. Later on, in 2013, the name "George" skyrocketed in popularity in England after Prince George's birth.


We may also love this name, but the Italians pronounce it ah-LEE-che (so much more chic). The name itself evolved through the years from the German name "Adalheidis," meaning "noble one." This regal title began to gain popularity all over with the release of Lewis Carroll's book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in 1865.


This nostalgic name has an interesting history: It was first used by the Romans and was the name of a well-known saint in the third century. Martina is the female version of the name Martin, which translates to "war-like." Not surprisingly, it experienced a surge in popularity during the reign of Czech and American tennis star Martina Navratilova.

Other popular Italian baby names for girls:

  • Emma
  • Greta
  • Chiara 
  • Anna
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