I've Been to Italy 12 Times—These Spots Are Straight Out of a Fairytale

You'd be forgiven for thinking Natalie Obradovich is permanently on vacation. The blonde, perennially tan travel photographer seems to spend more time boating, swimming, and Aperol-sipping on the Italian coast than at home in New York and L.A. "[Italy] is hands down my favorite place to vacation and to work. Often I do both at the same time!" she tells MyDomaine. "It doesn't really feel like a job because I'm doing exactly what I'd want to be doing if this wasn't a profession."

Obradovich's childhood in Manhattan Beach, California, sparked a love of being by the sea, but it wasn't until a high school trip to the Amalfi Coast that she fell for the beauty of Italy. Since that first adventure, she has traveled to Italy over a dozen times to explore the azure grottos, umbrella-dotted coastlines, and lesser-known towns. "I've visited the country probably more than anywhere else in the world. Given my ever-growing love for the Amalfi Coast, it’s become the centerpiece for my passion for photography," she says.

To fuel our summer wanderlust, Obradovich opens up about some of the most incredible coastal towns she's visited in Italy. From cliff-top Praiano to local foodie hot spot Nerano, these are the gems that beckon her to come back for more. No doubt, they'll have the same effect on you.