Authentic Italian Dessert Recipes That Rival Your Nonna's

Which dish comes to mind when you think about Italian cuisine? If melt-in-your-mouth margherita pizza or parmesan-topped linguine con vongole comes to mind, you're limiting your taste buds, says Rosemary Molloy, founder of An Italian in My Kitchen. "Italian cuisine is best known for lasagna, pizza, and pasta—but believe me, there are so many baked goods just waiting to be discovered," she says in her new cookbook, Authentic Italian Desserts. "Whether you have been to Italy, wish to visit Italy, or are Italian (or not), I want to help you discover the sweet side of Italian cooking."

The book spans 75 traditional dessert recipes Molloy has mastered since moving to Italy 25 years ago. It's a delicious tour of Europe's foodie capital: Learn to make Torta della Nonna (Grandmother's Cake) from Tuscany, Torta Caprese from the famous island of Capri, and fried cannoli from Sicily. Here are three traditional favorites from the new cookbook.

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