This Company Uses the Same Factories As Big Fragrance Brands—But Makes Candles for a Fraction of the Price



Fall is just around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the chunky sweaters, order some pumpkin spice lattes, and light up your favorite candles. Well, not so fast.

Sure, candles are a cold-weather essential; however, the steep price point you face with high-quality candles can make them difficult to actually use. At nearly $100 a pop, putting some of your fancy candles to good use can often feel like you’re literally burning money.

Don’t worry; Italic is here to help. The company is known for making logo-free luxury goods for a fraction of the price—and just launched their own candle line. 

“We see Italic as an e-commerce experience for your whole life,” says founder and CEO Jeremy Cai. “Candles and scent are an extension of home decor and we felt they would make a great addition to our ever-growing list of products.”

Italic Black Currant Geranium Candle $35

Italic’s candles boast natural essential oils from the same suppliers that make scents for brands like Le Labo, Dior, and Tom Ford. But, unlike their pricier counterparts, each candle only costs $35. 

So how do they do it?

“We partner directly with manufacturers to minimize waste and remove the markups traditionally associated with brands,” Cai explains. “This way, the manufacturers are more invested in partnering with us to create quality products, because they are getting a fair share of the revenue.”

But while Italic’s candles might be more affordable, they don’t skimp on the luxury factor. Each candle is made with vegan soy wax, which burns evenly, doesn’t emit toxins, and keeps that pesky black soot to a minimum. These candles have a 40 hour burn time so if you do the math, you’re paying less than a $1 for an hour of flames.

Italic Black Pomegranate Rose Candle $35

With several dreamy scents like Palo Santo Cedar, Black Pomegranate Rose, and Oud Vetiver, choosing one great scent can be difficult. So why not purchase a few? You can essentially get two Italic candles for the price of one candle elsewhere.

After all, we have a feeling you’ll be burning these all season long.

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