Ivanka Trump Reveals the Way Motherhood Has Shaped Her Career

Carrying the Trump name might ignite controversy at the moment, but for 34-year-old CEO and mother of three Ivanka Trump, it's business as usual. The executive vice president of development and acquisition at the Trump Organization and founder and CEO of the Ivanka Trump fashion brand has just given birth to her third child and says it's had a seismic shift in an unexpected area of her life: business. In an article for Business Insider, Trump opens up about her newfound "clarity of vision" and the career skills motherhood has taught her. Here's why moms make effective leaders, according to Ivanka Trump. 

"Evolving from an 'I' to a 'we' made me a better person. I was kinder to other people, and that's compounded by having children," Trump says. "The most effective leaders are those who build a capable team, often by giving of their time and expertise to help those around them learn and ultimately rise in the ranks themselves."

"My three children have very different personalities, and it's taught me to be much more malleable in terms of how I treat each one to bring out the best in him or her," she says. "Part of being a good leader is understanding the individual personalities on your team and relating to them accordingly for maximum impact."

"As any entrepreneur knows when starting a company, agility is key. You need to be able to think fast on your feet and pivot quickly as unexpected situations arise," Trump explains. "Parents understand this, too. You can't force children to do things against their will and expect it to go well. You have to inspire them to get on board with the program."

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