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20 Smart Jack-and-Jill Bathroom Ideas That Still Look Chic

jack and jill bathroom with contrast

Travis J. Photos

While many of us grew up sharing bathrooms with siblings or other family members, we probably didn't have a jack-and-jill bathroom—until you moved into a suite-style dorm in college. Jack-and-jill bathrooms are characterized by the two entrances they have, both often leading to a separate bedroom.

What Is a Jack-and-Jill Bathroom?

Popular in the 1970s, a jack-and-jill bathroom often joins bedrooms and has double vanities, one for each child. While it may seem strange to only be able to access a bathroom through a bedroom (and be able to access the bedroom next door), the room was actually invented to help growing families more easily share bathrooms in the house.

Many recently-built homes don't have jack-and-jill bathrooms, but there are plenty of homes from years past that still have them. While they may seem difficult to style because of the two doors (which limits wall space and storage), they're a great opportunity for getting creative with your design.

Here are 20 jack-and-jill bathrooms ideas that are interesting in design and beautiful to look at.

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Make it Work for More Than Two

bathroom with double vanity

Blue Copper Design

Those with big families know it's extremely difficult to share one bathroom, especially when you're all on a similar schedule. The advantage of jack-and-jill bathrooms is that it allows more than one person to get ready at a time (when it comes to brushing teeth and other non-private bathroom activities).

We love how this room could actually accommodate three people if need be—two sinks and a vanity give enough space for everyone.

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Opt for Glass Doors

jack and jill bathroom with clear shower

Top Knot Living

If you can, opt for a glass shower door instead of a curtain. Not only does it give a modern look to any bathroom, but it visually opens up the room. Jack-and-jill bathrooms can look small because of the doors, so any sightlines you can keep will make the room appear larger.

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Consider the View

view into room from jack and jill bathroom

Ali Henrie

When a bathroom opens up into a bedroom, it's important to consider what you (or a guest) will see when exiting the bathroom, too. Adding a plant next to the door is a great décor moment, but making sure that the vignette in the bedroom looks nice is important, too.

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Embrace Stark Contrast

jack and jill bathroom with contrast

Travis J. Photos

Add dimension and height to your space by adding dark cabinets under your sink and keeping things like tiles and counters light on top. Tiling to the ceiling will also make a room look taller.

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Opt for Unique Lighting

bathroom with unique lighting

Becca Interiors

There's nothing wrong with opting for a simple bathroom design, but one lighting choice can take it from simple to sophisticated. Try placing lighting in unexpected places, like these sconces on the mirror, to not only brighten up the enclosed room, but also add a touch of style to the space.

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Look Below for Space

bathroom with floating sink

Victoria Z. Photo

Utilizing vertical space is one of the easiest ways to decrease clutter on the floor and counters, but we often forget that vertical space exists under sinks and counters, too. Leave the space below your sink open for hanging towels or stowing laundry baskets, keeping them tucked away and out of the way.

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Create Storage Nooks

bathroom with in-wall storage nook

House of Chais

With a lack of wall space, it's important to put storage wherever you can. If you have the resources, use the empty space between wall studs to create some open shelving for storing things like tissues, makeup, and other essentials.

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Embrace Symmetry

bathroom with symmetrical sinks and fixtures

Jenn Pablo Studio

A jack-and-jill bathroom is inherently symmetrical, so why not lean into that? Creating a space that's entirely symmetrical is so pleasing to the eye, and it is effortlessly clean looking.

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Consider the Doors

jack and jill bathroom with pocket door

Brooke Wagner Design

Having two doors swing into a small bathroom? No thank you. Consider having pocket doors to open up the space in the bathroom and act as a cool design moment.

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Squeeze In a Tub

rustic bathroom with large tub

Milk and Honey Life

Jack-and-jill bathrooms can feel on the smaller side, but there's no reason to not add the soaking tub of your dreams in there. A smaller tub will fit proportionally in the space and give you a place to unwind after a long day.

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Add All the Cabinets

bathroom with double vanity

Twin Construction

If you're short on storage, consider adding a full wall of cabinets if you have the space. This setup not only has a ton of storage under the sink, but there are two drawers in the vanity area to stash makeup and other products.

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Use Funky Tile

bathroom with funky tile

M. House Inc.

In a space as unique as a jack-and-jill bathroom, might as well opt to create an interesting space visually. Consider adding a backsplash behind the sink to both protect the wall from spills and add a pattern into the space.

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Use Luxe Fixtures

symmetrical bathroom vanity

Reena Sotropa

While an adjoining bathroom may feel juvenile, it can look extremely grown-up. Using luxe fixtures like gold faucets and faceted mirrors make the shared space feel more like a swanky bar bathroom than a random space between bedrooms.

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Use Pegs for Organization

bathroom with pegboard

True Home

Peg rails are aesthetically pleasing and a great way to use vertical space. Shaker style rails allow you to hang baskets with extra toilet paper and towels, and it also is a space to hang damp towels and robes.

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Pick a Color Scheme

jack and jill bathroom

Home Made by Carmona

A clean color palette will bring any room together, especially if it's on the petite side. Cool grays make this space feel modern and fresh without feeling too blah.

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Embrace the All-White Look

all white bathroom

LS Development Partners

Create a light an airy atmosphere by keeping walls, cabinets, tiles, and floors white. Keep it from feeling too stark by adding contrasting touches with the hardware, mirrors, and grout.

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Save Counter Space with Wall Fixtures

blue bathroom with wall fixtures

Bonnie Ryan

Being short on counter space is a problem we're all familiar with, and having fixtures that come out of the wall saves precious surface area while also looking incredibly sleek.

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Create Designated Zones

jack and jill bathroom

Ashley Webb Interiors

Sometimes a jack-and-jill bathroom can feel more like a hallway that happens to have a bathroom in it, but creating intentional zones in the space will make it feel less transitional. Walls between storage, the sink, and the vanity in this space break it up without feeling disruptive.

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Use One Wall

bathroom along one wall

Arbor and Co.

So, you've lost two of your four walls to doors, why not free up one by putting all of your bathroom fixtures on one side? You can use the blank wall for storage or décor, or if you have the width, you could add a tub.

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Add Unexpected Touches

bathroom with accessories like books

Becca Interiors

Less is more in a bathroom, but a great piece of décor never hurt anyone. Use unexpected items like a chair for practical purposes, like holding folded towels or a basket of toilet paper. It not only adds a fun design element, but it creates more surface space for you to set necessities on.