These 7 Vegetarian Jackfruit Recipes Are So Good You Won't Even Miss the Meat

We called it back in 2016—the jackfruit is a total superfood, and it's now becoming one of the most popular meat substitutes beloved by vegans, vegetarians, and even meat lovers (yes, seriously). As its name suggests, the yellowish bumpy food is actually a fruit and hails from South and Southeast Asia. It's also the national fruit of Bangladesh, although up until recently, it's been little known here in the States. And there's more than first meets the eye. Once opened, the exotic fruit filled with vitamin C has tons of bulbs of flesh that contain a seed packed with iron, calcium, protein, and potassium.

The best part is that when the flesh is appropriately sliced and spiced, it easily (and deliciously) takes the place of meat in just about any dish. The texture resemblance is uncanny, and bonus points that it's also low in fat—we're talking half a cup of jackfruit will set you back only 95 calories. Below, find the top jackfruit recipes we can't stop whipping up, from jackfruit sandwiches to pot pie to even sweet potato curry. Then get cooking.