The Best New Restaurants in the U.S.

In the restaurant industry, the highest honor that a chef or restaurant can receive is a James Beard Award. Named after the dean of American cookery, James Beard, an early pioneer of American cuisine, cookbook author, and culinary instructor, the much sought-after awards are handed out every May. (Fun fact: The event happens on the exact same Monday night as the Met Gala). Yesterday the James Beard Foundation announced the nominees for a slew of awards in everything food—from cookbooks to outstanding personality/host of a culinary-related television show. One of the most important awards is Best New Restaurant. Six eateries from across the nation are selected with only one being named the best new restaurant at the award ceremony on May 2. Check out who made the cut below, and get the entire list of nominees on the James Beard website.

Learn more about the man that was James Beard by reading his biography, The Solace of Food.

Have you eaten at any of the best new restaurant nominees? I’ve been to Liholiho Yacht Club, but none of the others. If you’ve been, I would love to know how your experience was!