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We Can't Believe the Furniture in This Actress's Home Is From Bed Bath & Beyond

jamie chung home


When actress Jamie Chung found herself living in Atlanta, Georgia, to film the FOX series, The Gifted, she and her husband Bryan Greenberg quickly scooped up a condo located in a historic cotton factory in the midtown district. The couple fell in love with its exposed brick walls and steel case windows, and while it was move-in ready when they made the purchase, they turned to online interior design company Decorist to make it feel like home.

"I wanted a look that would complement the apartment's elements but soften and warm everything up," Chung tells MyDomaine. In order to make the historic, industrial space feel cozy and welcoming, the actress worked with the creative director of Decorist, Jessica McCarthy. Their goal was to style two distinct living spaces—a living and dining room—in the open layout of the condo.

"Creating two separate types of living spaces within one space is always a challenge," McCarthy admits. However, with the help of Bed Bath & Beyond to furnish the space and Artfully Walls to source beautiful artwork for the walls, Chung's home now features a cozy living area with fresh pops of green and blush and a modern dining room that feels like its own space. It's California meets Atlanta in the best way. Take a look inside the contemporary Southern abode below.

Living Room
Shelly Guberek

The first step in the decorating process was to divide the living room from the space that would be used as a dining area. McCarthy explains that they used a Moroccan-inspired shag rug and a neutral sofa to separate the spaces and serve as the base of the living room. "Not only did this divide the living room from the dining room, but it really added warmth to the concrete floors and exposed brick walls," she says.

Contemporary Living Room
Shelly Guberek

To help meet Chung's vision for the space, McCarthy focused on incorporating a variety of different elements to the living room. "I added patterned throw pillows and two mismatched chairs for an eclectic, laid-back California feel that Jamie wanted to bring to Atlanta home," she explains. Her greatest find? "I love the green velvet chair," McCarthy says. "[It] adds a bit of unexpected glam to the space and really makes a statement," the designer continues.

Jamie Chung at Home
Shelly Guberek

Small details were also a must in order to transform the historic building into a comfortable living space. "After all of the main pieces were placed in the space, we layered in plants, pottery, and other accessories to help bring the space to life," McCarthy says.

Industrial Home
Shelly Guberek

"I wanted to bring a bit of California to Atlanta—but elevated and refined," Chung explains. The California cool vibes are on full display in this nook of the spacious living room with a '60s-inspired chair and artwork to soften the exposed brick walls.

Living Room Details
Shelly Guberek

Chung defines her style as California chic, "if there's such a thing," she jokes. The thoughtful details and contemporary furnishing seem to fulfill her Cali-cool style and complement her southern surroundings.

Dining Room
Shelly Guberek

A crisp white table grounds the dining room and contrasts with the mismatched chairs around it. "To separate the living and dining room, we added a muted vintage Turkish rug and juxtaposed the modern oval dining table with an eclectic mix of dining chairs," McCarthy says.

Jamie Chung in Her Dining Room
Shelly Guberek

The finished look is chic and eclectic, exactly what Chung had in mind. "The art was such a great touch," she says. "I was so afraid we weren't going to be able to fill that space," the actress continues. McCarthy created a statement gallery wall using pieces sourced from Artfully Walls to pull all the colors of the space together. "[It's] a unique blend that was a representation of Jamie and her space," McCarthy shares.

Dining Room Décor
Shelly Guberek

For the final touch in the dining room, a mix of pottery in different shapes and sizes is used both for decoration and to hold fresh flowers and plants. "I'm in love with the large table and the mix of planters," says Chung.

Home Bar
Shelly Guberek

Finally, a console table acts as a decorative bar space beneath a timeless round mirror. According to Chung, the space truly was a blank canvas when she and her husband moved in. Now, rather than feeling cold and industrial, it's a comfortable and welcoming home.