You'll Never Guess What Jamie Oliver Is Taxing His Customers For

Planning to dine at one of Jamie Oliver’s popular restaurants soon? Well you might want to hold off on ordering any sugary drinks or be prepared to pay 10p ($.16USD) more for the privilege. The English celebrity chef has been on a global mission to save the world from their unhealthy ways for years, from his food-focused television shows to his recent “food revolution” campaign for better education, and he believes the saccharine sin should be taxed just like tobacco. So in typical Jamie style, he’s taking things into his own hands by slapping an extra charge on the declious drink. The Nottingham Post reports the sweet surcharge will be donated to charity and is expected to raise £80,000 ($126,657 USD) over the next year. This idea was already implemented in the US last year when Berkeley, California became the first city to pass a soda tax and all sugary drinks now feature a one-cent-per-ounce charge.

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