It's Official: These Are the Best Destinations for Travel Deals in January

As we wrap up the holidays and ready ourselves to head back to work and resume our normal lives, we don't often consider planning another vacation to get out of the office. But that's exactly what we should be doing. January is the perfect time to travel if you're looking to make a quick getaway without dealing with crowds or breaking the bank. What better way to kick off the New Year than by taking some time for yourself to get a real vacation in after the holiday hubbub?

For many destinations, airfare is the most affordable in the first month of the year, and hotels are competing to fill their empty rooms post-holidays while the temperatures are low. Take advantage by booking one of these January travel deals. We've rounded up some of the top destinations for finding incredible deals on flights and airfare in January. So if you didn't get everything you wanted for Christmas or Hanukkah, treat yourself to a little getaway and start the New Year off right.

Québec City: Embrace the winter spirit with cobblestone streets covered in snow and city festivals that carry on throughout the month. The airfare to get there is modestly priced, and despite the cold, you'll receive a warm welcome from the Québécois.

Las Vegas: Once the city rings in the New Year, prices drop like crazy, making Sin City one of the best January bargain destinations in the U.S. Flight deals are abundant, and you'll be able to score a hotel room for a fraction of its usual rate.

Amsterdam: If you're eyeing Europe for some fun overseas, Amsterdam is an extremely affordable destination this winter, according to USA Today. The rise of budget transatlantic airlines have significantly reduced airfare, and hotels deals are plentiful in the off-season. 

Southern California: Get some sunshine and hit the beach without the crowds by heading to Southern California. According to Travel + Leisure, the nightly average rate of four-star properties in Los Angeles dips down to its lowest all year, and you can save up to a third on hotels. The same is true in San Diego, where it's also whale migration season.

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