Jared Leto Wants You to Take Climate Change Seriously in This Epic PSA

video: RYOT

The first-ever virtual reality climate change PSA debuted today, narrated by Academy Award–winning actor Jared Leto. Launched jointly by The Sierra Club, the Environmental Media Association (EMA), and RYOT, the video is viewable via RYOT-VR mobile app, Facebook Spherical, and YouTube 360.

The immersive experience takes place in the heart of the Arctic. Molly Swenson, COO of RYOT and an executive producer of the film, praised the new VR platform, saying, “To us, this is by far the most exciting use case for virtual reality technology. When you’re standing in the middle of a glacial ice cave, watching and hearing it melt rapidly from the inside out, you not only understand that climate change is real, but you feel compelled to do everything you can to halt and reverse it.”

Speaking out regarding his collaboration with the project and the environmental cause itself, Leto offered, “Climate change affects all life on this planet. It is literally altering the face of the earth and displacing communities. I hope world leaders recognize that people around the globe want and need them to step up and work together starting at the UN Climate Summit and beyond to fight the climate crisis. Humanity depends on it.”

The launch coincides with the upcoming international climate negotiations in Paris, taking place in two months’ time. Imploring world leaders to produce meaningful action, the Paris negotiations, commonly called COP21, aim to join 195 nations in a worldwide effort to generate the first unified agreement toward eradicating climate change. To learn more, visit ActInParis.orgView the stunning footage above. 

Opening photo: Terry Richardson

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