Step Inside a Fashion Designer's Impossibly Cool New York Apartment

Fashion designer Jason Wu
Coveteur/Alec Kugler

Fashion designer Jason Wu is the epitome of New York cool, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that his home is impossibly cool. Wu, best known for designing Michelle Obama's inaugural gowns, welcomed Coveteur into his TriBeCa apartment for an exclusive home tour—and it's every bit as stylish as you'd expect it to be.

Wu, an ardent admirer of the midcentury-modern aesthetic, tapped Brazilian interior designer and close friend Andre Mellone to curate a '50s-inspired space that's decidedly modern. "He's just someone with really good taste, and he has such an eye for furniture and objects, we just speak the same language when it comes to visuals," Wu said of Mellone.

Wu has books everywhere. "I’m a print person," he confessed to Coveteur. "I’m old-fashioned, and I grew up with books. I really love it, and so I like the idea of collecting periodicals and books. I started buying up the National Geographic on eBay. Eventually, I thought I should just do the whole bookshelf yellow because that color is really amazing and some of the best images of our time are in there. There’s this sense of foreverness about those magazines that makes them really worthwhile.”

After taking a virtual tour of Wu's apartment, courtesy of Coveteur, we can see why Mellone earns such high praise from the fashion designer (and we think you will, too).

Take a look inside Jason Wu's stunning New York apartment.

Midcentury-modern living room
Coveteur/Alec Kugler

Leave it to a fashion designer to come up with a genius home décor hack for choosing textiles. "This apartment is pretty grey," Wu explained to Coveteur. "[One of the reasons] is because my cats are both grey, and it’s much easier to maintain when there’s no color contrast between animals and furniture." But he's obsessed with grey. Wu has a collection called Grey Jason Wu, loves grey flannel, and is obsessed with the Jeffrey Beene Grey Flannel fragrance, which he came across during the ’90s; it comes with a little grey flannel pouch.

Midcentury-modern apartment
Coveteur/Alec Kugler

Gold home accessories shine atop a midcentury-modern buffet table in Wu's understatedly chic dining space.

Coveteur/Alec Kugler

The bedroom is one of the most striking spaces in Wu's home, featuring a dramatic black-and-white color scheme and a bold leather bench. Wu admits this is his favorite space and he loves spending time here.

Coveteur/Alec Kugler

Who knew edgy subway tiles and a delicate marble countertop could complement each other so well?

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