Should This J.Crew Kids' T-Shirt Be Discontinued? Parents Are Divided

Updated 05/30/18

Scroll through J.Crew's Instagram feed and you'll find a curation of colorful images of smiling models wearing the brand's signature classic, well-tailored wares. One post, however, is garnering a lot of attention among parents for the wrong reasons. PopSugar noticed that a post of a young boy wearing a limited-edition T-shirt had sparked thousands of comments—the majority of which are vitriolic.

The photograph depicts a boy wearing a red T-shirt emblazed with the text "I am a feminist too." It's from the brand's latest collaboration with Prink Shop, a brand that makes text-based clothing and accessories that support issues like women's reproductive rights, equality in education, and gun control.

In just five days, the post has accrued over 16,000 "likes" from parents in support of the pro-feminist tee—and thousands of comments from those who disagree with politicizing kids' clothes.

"Shame on you for politicizing little boys into what their MOMS want them to be. Kids should be kids not political grandstanding tokens," one user wrote. Another argued that the text could prompt bullying, writing, "I know how cruel children can be and putting a target on a kid's front is just an invitation."

Parents in support of the pro-feminism T-shirt were quick to praise and defend J.Crew. "Thank you, J.Crew for sending this sweet message to girls and women! We need men & boys to stand with us!" one Instagram user wrote. Another points out that this is a welcome change from gendered clothing that reinforces stereotypes:

"What about most little boys slogan t-shirts that say 'heartbreaker' 'chick magnet' etc? That promotes gross sexualization of a child. But no one puts up a fight against those," she wrote. "This is a great way of side-swiping those awful slogans and promoting a newer, more appropriate trend. A brave and significant sign that JCrew is evolving and learning with the rest of us."

Clearly, they're not the only ones who support the pro-feminist tee. The product was temporarily sold out after the brand posted an image on Instagram and has since been restocked.

You can share your thoughts on the subject in our Facebook parenting community, MyDomaine Moms, and shop the shirt in question below.

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