At Home With J.Crew's Menswear Director

Frank Muytjens, head of menswear design for J.Crew, is responsible for making the store a go-to for any modern man. Recently, he let Mr. Porter into his cozy cottage in upstate New York, where he and his four-year-old Vizsla dog, Dutch, live on the weekends. It’s not surprising that the décor of his home is on-brand with J.Crew’s signature aesthetic. “When you start with an empty shell as I did here, the temptation is to buy things too quickly,” he tells Mr. Porter. “Don’t just go to IKEA and buy everything in one weekend. Where’s the personality in that? It’s the layers and the objects that together tell a story. The process is similar to how I design the line for J.Crew. It’s emotional and personal and it takes time.” No wonder we’re so fond of Mr. Muytjens' home, it reminds us of the clothes we’re currently living in.