An Inside Look at Jemima Kirke's Brooklyn Art Studio

Updated 02/23/16

You know her as beloved bohemian and unpredictable character Jessa Johansson on Girls, but actress Jemima Kirke is much more than an HBO It girl. She also happens to be a supremely talented artist, a wife and mother of two, and a women’s rights supporter. Semaine recently visited the star in her Red Hook, Brooklyn art studio to discuss all things art and style. Read on for a couple of our favorite excerpts from their interview and get a peek at her creative space below.

On her mother’s influence on her art career:

“My mum always sort of had an agenda for all of the things she wanted her kids to do, so the second I showed an inclination towards art, that was my thing. I always had a little studio in the basement of all our houses. It was really nice actually. She always painted the wine cellar white and turned it into my studio.”

On who inspires her as an artist:

“I love Pierre Bonnard. You look at some of his subjects and he painted the most mundane things. He painted as if someone had taken an accidental picture of the corner of a room, and then he painted that. And it’s so beyond its time, because it’s photographic by the framing of it. He'll paint a girl sitting on a tub, and the water is in every color of the sun, but it’s only water.”

On her disinterest in fashion:

"I appreciate fashion and I love to look at it, and I have opinions on what I like and don’t like. But I just don’t really care about it for me that much. I’m critical of it and I’m discerning, but with myself I don’t really care. I like comfort."

Catch up on the latest season of Girls to see Jemima Kirke in action.

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