Trust Us—You'll Want to Listen to This New Podcast on Mental Health and Career

Updated 05/29/18
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Jen Gotch, founder and chief creative officer of, is now the host of the new Girlboss Radio podcast Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes. The weekly show will tackle the issues surrounding finding success while coping with mental illness, something Gotch is no stranger to herself. Earlier this year, the entrepreneur opened up to MyDomaine about why it's important to break down the stigmas of mental health in the workplace, sharing how she deals with the ups and downs of living with anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADD.

Now, she's launching a podcast to continue the conversation.

Jen Gotch

"A big part of my mission is to normalize/destigmatize mental illness," Gotch tells MyDomaine. "Discussing it openly and making it feel less like something we should be ashamed of or frightened by is one great way to do that." You can expect Gotch to open up a positive discussion on navigating the professional world while dealing with mental illness on her podcast and to do it with the same funny, honest voice she lends to her large social media following every day.

Her goal is to make people feel understood and empowered. "In general, I want to help people that are suffering feel less alone and beyond that, I hope it encourages the listeners to build their own emotional intelligence, become more self-aware, learn the endless options we have for self-care and ultimately find good mental health," she says.

According to Gotch, mental health has been a priority for her over the last two decades. She admits she's not perfect, but she tries to maintain certain self-care rituals to keep her feeling her best. "I keep my sleep cycle regular, I avoid triggers (when possible), I exercise, I take medication, I go to therapy, I see a psychiatrist, I read a lot about emotions, spirituality, mindfulness, I have fun whenever I can, I don't sweat the small stuff, I practice gratitude, I rest when I need it," she says.

For more dialogue about mental health and creative entrepreneurship tune in to Gotch's podcast every Tuesday.

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