A Word From the Wise: Jenna Lyons on What You Need to Lead

Updated 05/06/19

With those iconic black frames, that slick yet effortless low bun, and a reliably chic uniform of cuffed jeans, half-tucked button-downs, and the occasional color or print pop, Jenna Lyons's style is second to none. But beyond her legendary sense of fashion, she transformed J.Crew (despite recently parting ways) into one of the most successful and beloved brands in the country, partially thanks to her leadership skills. Even though much of Lyons's success can be attributed to creativity and natural talent, she says that one can't rely on their talents alone.

Indeed, in this video from Harvard HBX, Lyons explains that your capacity to climb the ranks within a cooperation (or to branch off and create your own) relies on good managerial skills. "How do you give feedback? How do you listen, encourage, and respond?" These are just some of the questions that she poses. Whether you're a newcomer in the workforce, a mid-level employee, or an experienced manager, we can all learn a little something from her. Listen to Lyons's tried and true leadership tips in the video below.

What qualities do you appreciate in a manager? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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