Watch Jennifer Garner Read a Really Inappropriate Bedtime Story


Vanity Fair

All parents know the struggle is real when it comes to putting your kids to sleep. When you want them to, they won't, and when you don't want them to, they do. We'll try anything to help them settle down, but there's always something they need, which is why the hilarious bedtime story, Go the F**k to Sleepwas an instant hit with sleep-deprived mom and dads. (It's definitely not for kids.) In this hilarious video from Vanity Fair, actress and mom of three Jennifer Garner reads the classic story in a sugary sweet voice which makes lines such as, "I know you're not thirsty. That's bullsh*t; stop lying. Lie the f*ck down, my darling, and sleep" even more comical. Watch the video above to see for yourself, and shop the book below.

Do you struggle with putting your children to sleep too? Do you have any magic formulas? Share your tips below.