Scared to Fly? Try Jennifer Lawrence's Fun and Simple Trick

Updated 03/05/18
Getty Images

Ever since she first stepped into the spotlight, Jennifer Lawrence—in her authentic mannerisms, endearing quirks, and fresh perspective that rises above Hollywood norms—has made it clear that in many ways (aside from the Oscar, two additional nominations, and three Golden Globe awards), she's just like us. Covering Vanity Fair's March issue, Lawrence shares an intimate glimpse of both her professional and personal life, talking everything from politics to producing reality TV to planes and her fear of flying.

Last June, a private plane Lawrence took from Kentucky to New York suffered double-engine failure at 31,000 feet and was forced to make an emergency landing. While no one was injured, the traumatic experience required Lawrence to go to therapy for the first time. To help overcome the post-traumatic stress induced by flying—which is a regular part of the busy star's job—she soothes her nerves by watching Disney movies. "Thank you, Emma Watson, for Beauty and the Beast," Lawrence says in the interview.

"I've seen it six or seven times. If anybody has any questions about it, come to me." Even as the highest-paid actress in the world, Lawrence has a relatable plane-anxiety strategy we can all get on board with. So the next time you're facing any fears about flying, try watching Disney movies on rotation for a more enjoyable flight.

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