This Is Exactly How Jennifer Lopez Gets Her Amazing Body

Pascal Le Segretain /Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez is the picture of health—the 48-year-old actress, singer, and producer is basically immune to aging and can easily pass for half her age. Fortunately for us, Us Magazine recently spoke with her trainer, David Kirsch, who founded NYC's Madison Square Club. In his own words, here's what sets Lopez apart in terms of her workouts, her commitment, and her approach to health and fitness.

She minimizes distractions. "Jennifer has crazy discipline during her workouts, which many people miss during at-home or in-the-gym exercise classes," he told the magazine. "She is able to focus on every single move that is given to her to ensure that she is doing it with reason and seeing results."

She sticks to a healthy diet. "For as long as I can remember, Jennifer's diet has always been very clean, which is key to ensuring that she stays very fit and healthy. Think: no sugar, no processed foods and no alcohol."

She doesn't stick to one workout. "Jennifer has a lot of energy and likes to incorporate that into our workouts," he explains. "She also likes to try new things to ensure that she doesn't get bored with her fitness."

Head over to Us Magazine for more, and read up on Lopez's healthy eating "rules" next.

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