The Story of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's Baby's Name Will Move You to Tears

Updated 04/04/18
Stefanie Keenan /Getty Images

Congratulations are in order for interior designers Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus, who welcomed home a baby boy into their growing family on March 26 in Los Angeles. The couple, stars of TLC's Nate and Jeremiah by Design, also have a 3-year-old daughter named Poppy.

Brent took to Instagram to share the good news, posting an adorable photo of Poppy with her new baby brother, Oskar. The caption reads, "Yesterday, life cracked open in a way I didn't think it could again with the birth of our son Oskar Brent Berkus. Love Multiplied. How can love continue to expand like this. Hand in hand our family is basking in the phenomenon of it all. We love you little Oskar. How thankful we are. How beautiful it all is."

Berkus also dedicated an Instagram post of the same photo to his son, writing, "It is with so much love that we welcome Oskar Brent-Berkus to our family. We have waited for you, we already love you, and we as a family stand on the shoulders of so many people who have made it possible for families like ours to continue to grow."

Their little boy's adorable name, Oskar, has a truly special meaning for the couple. In an interview with People, Berkus explains that Oskar was named after his former partner Fernando Oskar Bengoechea, who died in the 2004 Sri Lankan tsunami. What's more moving is the fact that this sweet tribute was Brent's idea. "We have always honored Fernando's memory in our relationship. He's a part of our love story," says Brent. "It's such an important chapter in Nate's life. So the idea that we can honor his memory in a beautiful way was exciting for us." Brent continues, "We both believe that the good stuff and the bad stuff is what really defines us.

The kids will know both of our stories, where their names came from, and why.”

Take a look at the sweet photo of baby Oskar below.

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