You Can Now Stay in Jessica Alba's Gorgeous L.A. Guesthouse

Jessica Alba in her Guest House
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

While most celebrities treat multimillion-dollar real estate purchases with the same nonchalance as a new It bag, Jessica Alba admits she has a soft spot for her first home. "After buying it when I was younger, pretty much anything that I made I would invest back into that house, so I have a fondness for it," she told MyDomaine when we styled and photographed the stunning space in 2015.

Still not willing to part with her first property, Alba is now renting the two-bedroom abode as a vacation home, PopSugar reports. Located in Beverly Hills, the starter home is available for $11,500 per month and is represented by Alba's real estate agent dad.

The midcentury-modern interior boasts a jewel-tone palette with bursts of bold crimson and serene blue. Brandon Quattrone, the co-founder of Consort Design, the firm behind the home transformation in 2015, says each room was decorated with a traveler in mind. "As a rental property, we wanted the house to have a bit of fantasy, so we drew inspiration from our favorite hotels with an old-world vibe, like The Bowery and Gramercy Park hotels in New York City."

Take a peek inside Jessica Alba's first home, or tour the space in person by booking a night in the Beverly Hills rental.

Jessica Alba
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

Alba opened the doors of her guesthouse to MyDomaine in 2015. 

Jessica Alba's guest house living room
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

"I travel a lot, and if there was a house like mine to stay in instead of a hotel, I would want to stay in my house," said Alba. "So I'm just thinking of someone who travels and who wants a cozy but luxurious and safe place to be. That's sort of the vibe."

reading nook
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

Alba wanted the home to feel "like a nautical jewel box."

bar cart
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

"At one point, we started referring to this project as 'the blue house' because we ended up choosing a blue from Farrow & Ball in almost every room, with the exception of one gray room," says Mat Sanders, co-founder of Consort Design and former creative director of MyDomaine. 

dining area
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

The dining room features a modern exposed-bulb chandelier and skeleton-like artwork. 

Chris Patey for MyDomaine

The biggest challenge for the designers was telling the story of Alba's "very mindful and eco-friendly lifestyle through the decorating process," says Quattrone. The designers used water-based low-VOC paints and locally produced custom upholstery with non-toxic filling.

sitting area
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

"With the exception of a couple of fun flea market finds, we turned to Natural Curiosities for artwork," he says. "They were the perfect source for nailing that well-traveled feel."

Chris Patey for MyDomaine

Oversize brass ants add a touch of quirk to the black-and-white bathroom. 

billards room
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

The treehouse-like home has soaring 20-foot ceilings. 

outdoor patio
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

"It feels like a treehouse sort of. It’s just incredibly serene. … You're in the middle of nature—all you see are skies and trees and the tops of houses," said Alba. 

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