This West Village Apartment Exudes Modern-Day Carrie Bradshaw Vibes

There's a certain romance to Perry Street, one of the most iconic spots in New York's West Village. It's the famed address of Carrie Bradshaw's onscreen brownstone, it's stenciled with dappled light from rows of trees, and it exudes the kind of New York charm that only seems to exist in nostalgic romcoms. For interior designer Jessica Schuster, it's just home. "There's something so inviting about Perry Street with its cobblestone streets," she tells MyDomaine. "There's a quaint and quiet vibe you feel instantly when walking outside the door."

Schuster's postcode isn't the only thing she shares with Bradshaw. It only takes one glance at her two-bedroom apartment to draw parallels. For starters, there's the closet, a large walk-in jam-packed with designer shoes and bags. Then, there's the furniture, an eclectic mix that's as cool and curated as Schuster's sense of style. "My personal goal for this home was to do something adventurous and to create something that was emblematic of my personal style," she says. Staying true to character and styling with gut instinct have certainly paid off. Take a peek inside Schuster's layered, light-drenched home to see for yourself.