PSA: This Airline Is Offering $20 Flights Today



If the cost of travel is the main reason you haven't planned a vacation in 2017, we have good news. Today, budget carrier JetBlue has announced a new wave of discounted flights, starting as low as $20 a pop. 

They're not the only airline holding a flight sale. Time notes that several American airlines have been releasing new flight deals every week. JetBlue's offering adds to the existing pool of deals by Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier Airlines. 

Submit your leave request—These under-$100 flight deals are too good to pass up.


The JetBlue sale covers travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from February 1 to May 24. All fares listed are one-way. 

Boston to New York (LaGuardia): $34
Washington, D.C. (DCA) to Hartford: $34
Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans: $44
Long Beach to San Jose: $44
Orlando to Baltimore: $59
Baltimore to Fort Lauderdale: $64
New York (LaGuardia or JFK) to Fort Lauderdale: $64
Chicago to Fort Lauderdale: $69
New York (JFK) to Nassau, Bahamas: $84
San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale: $114

Frontier Airlines

This insane $20-flight sale is mostly for airline travel on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Chicago to West Palm Beach: $20
Cincinnati to Tampa: $20
Dallas to Denver $20
Denver to Las Vegas: $20
Charlotte to Orlando: $20
Colorado Springs to Phoenix: $20

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines' sale ends this week. Be sure to make a reservation before January 26 to take advantage of the deal. 

Las Vegas to Long Beach: $39
Hartford to Baltimore: $54
Nashville to Charlotte: $54
Sacramento to San Diego: $59
Indianapolis to Washington (DCA): $59
Salt Lake City to Burbank: $74
Milwaukee to Dallas (Love): $75
Newark to Orlando: $82
Portland (OR) to Los Angeles: $87

Spirit Airlines

If you can be flexible with travel dates, Spirit Airlines has a number of affordable offerings. 

Baltimore to Detroit: $36
Las Vegas to Oakland: $36
Buffalo to Orlando: $36
Denver to Phoenix: $36
Kansas City to Los Angeles: $43
Fort Myers to Minneapolis: $46
Chicago to Orlando: $54
Detroit to New Orleans: $58
Cleveland to Las Vegas: $60

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