The Latest News in Urban Farming May Surprise You

From Major League Baseball fields to restaurant rooftops, everyone wants in on the urban farming trend. The latest company to plant a massive urban garden in an unlikely place? JetBlue. New York Magazine is reporting that the airline company has installed a 24,000-square-foot garden at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

The garden will more than 1,000 pounds of blue potatoes as well basil, arugula, mint, and beets. All of the crops are items that will not attract birds, which can be potentially dangerous to airplanes.

“The plan is that it will provide ingredients to Terminal 5’s restaurants, be a source for donations for local food pantries, and possibly be used for those Terra Blues potato chips you can get as a snack on most JetBlue flights,” the magazine reports.

JetBlue acknowledges that an airport is an unexpected place for a farm, but the airline is looking at the entire project as an urban experiment and as a way to figure out its role in the food cycle. The next time you happen to be at JFK Airport, look around and see if you notice—or smell—the garden.

Interesting in planting your own potato garden? Here are some blue potato seeds.

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