How to Ace Your Job Interview With One Simple Question

Updated 09/21/17
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There’s no one right way to approach a job interview, since every job is different and every employee is unique. It’s up to you to recognize the intricacies of the scenario and then proceed accordingly. Still, that hasn’t stopped experts from doling out advice on how to best succeed when interviewing for your dream job.

One of those experts is Robert Cialdini, the acclaimed author of Pre-suasion ($13) and Influence ($14), two books that explore the different ways in which to exercise influence. For a new video from the folks at Business Insider, Cialdini was asked to apply some of his methods to help readers nail their job interviews.

Cialdini notes that most people begin their interviews by letting their potential employers know how glad they are to be there and that they plan on answering all of their questions. Alternatively, Cialdini suggests starting off the interview with a question of your own. According to Cialdini, asking the interviewer why they chose to bring you in for an interview is a subliminal act of persuasion.

“You will have focused the interviewer on your most positive features and the strongest elements of your case,” he says. “They are now in a mindset to see you in a positive light.” He argues that the tactic will put the interviewer in a position where “they’re now viewing you on the basis of the positive features of what you have to offer.”

Let us know if you have any personal tips on how to nail your job interview.

This post was originally published on September 17, 2016, and has since been updated.

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