The Job Interview Advice Everyone Needs to Hear, Says an HR Manager

After interviewing thousands of potential job candidates, it's safe to say that human resources professionals develop somewhat of a low tolerance for common interview faux pas. Case in point: Jamie Hichens's list of interview deal breakers, which she recently shared with Business Insider. Hichens is a recruiter at Glassdoor who's reportedly "seen it all" when it comes to job interviews. In her words, the following five mistakes will land any candidate's résumé in the "no" pile, regardless of qualifications:

  1. Coming to the interview unprepared, not having researched the company, the role, or the interviewer.
  2. Arriving late with no explanation or without emailing or calling ahead of time will "knock out 99% of interviewees."
  3. Bad-mouthing your current company, manager, or colleagues will reflect poorly on your character.
  4. Swearing—even if the company culture is lax and even if the interviewer is cursing. 
  5. Blaming résumé or cover letter flaws on technical issues—show that you can own up to your mistakes.

Perhaps the most important bit of advice Hichens offers is to be self-aware and "act like a human," she quips. "No one is expecting you to be a perfect robot. Do your best to show you have a high level of emotional intelligence and can handle difficult situations with grace."

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