This Interview Trick Could Score You the Job

If you were asked: Why do you want to work for this organization?

Why: Find out what has influenced the hiring manager to stay at the company and whether there is a clear vision for the future. If the hiring manager struggles to answer, that's a red flag. 

If you were asked: Can you talk me through your typical work day?

Why: Use this opportunity to gain insight about the daily tasks involved in this role. If the interviewer reverts to the job description, it could be a sign that the position requires more structure. 

If you were asked: Why should I hire you?

Why: This question is way of finding out if there's something holding you back from getting the job. Yes, it's a bold move, but it shows you aren't afraid to ask tough questions, and it will give you a chance to address any issues before the manager makes a decision. 

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