My Plus One: Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull


There’s no denying how utterly adorable influencer Elle Ferguson and her fiancé Joel Patfull are. Not only are the Bondi-based duo the epitome of an ambitious couple (both spearheading their own entrepreneurial pursuits), but despite their high-profile and constant attention from the public, they also enjoy the simpler things in life (evident in their interview below).

Right after Christmas last year, Patfull dropped a knee at Wategos Beach, Byron Bay and asked Ferguson to marry him (if you haven’t seen the ring, jaw-dropping is an understatement), and we must admit, we got quite emotional looking at shots of the special day. But more than their impeccable Instagram pictures, and sojourns across the globe, at the heart of it, like any relationship, it's their strong foundations that keep the love flourishing. Read on to find out what you didn’t already know, but want to know, about one of the coolest couples cruising the streets of Sydney. 

MYDOMAINE: How did you both meet?

ELLE FERGUSON: The short story... we met through friends but I honestly believe the universe had us meeting in its plans.

JOEL PATFULL: Let’s just say through friends...

MD: What do you think are your partner’s best traits?

EF: That Joel loves to use a Dyson. And that Joel is just the best human ever!

JP: She is the most caring person I have ever met. She is also incredibly down to earth and genuine. 

MD: What makes them laugh the most?

EF: Seriously Joel and I can find ourselves just laughing at the most random things, but I think the funniest is when we laugh at each other.

JP: I think she just laughs the most at me.

MD: What is your favorite thing to do together?

EF: The small things like a walk along the beach or the big things like travelling around the world together. I just love to be wherever he is because life is better when I'm with him.

JP: My favourite thing is to lay on the couch together with Elle’s dog between us and watch a movie after we’ve had a big few days. Most of the time we fall asleep but it’s still amazing. 

MD: What’s the best date you’ve had together?

EF: The 'dinner date' where we didn't make it to dinner because he proposed on the beach.

JP: We’ve been lucky enough to have some pretty incredible dates all over the world but I would say our first date. We had dinner and then went bowling. It was random but so much fun.

MD: Do you remember what one another was wearing when you first met?

EF: 100 percent! And we actually laugh about it all the time! We both wore things we thought you were meant to wear on dates and have never worn those clothes ever again.

JP: I’ve chosen to forget what I was wearing but I do remember that Elle had an off-the-shoulder jumper that she was so hot in. We still talk about it to this day and the clothing we chose to wear on our first date. 

MD: What’s their worst habit?

EF: Hmm...I do like to refer to Joel as the sand fairy, but he then loves the Dyson so they even themselves out.

JP: She will kill me for saying this but her one bad habit is that she refuses to pack the dishwasher properly.

MD: If you had to pick a song to describe your partner, what would it be?

EF: "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran.  

JP: "So Into You" by Tamia (but, Triple J's Like A Version cover by Childish Gambino.) 

MD: What’s your favourite memory of one another?

EF: I remember the last game of AFL that Joel played and only him and I knew it was his last game. He was the last to leave the field and he looked up at the stadium and I saw him take a deep breath and just take it all in. In that very moment I was so incredibly proud of him and I knew how lucky I was to have him in my life.

JP: The look on her face when I asked her to marry me. She was in total shock and had no idea it was going to happen so that was really special. 

MD: Where was your first kiss?

EF: At the end of our first date.

JP: Yeah, after the first date. 

MD: How do you describe your partner to other people?

EF: As the best human ever, with the bluest eyes. And as Mr. Cool. 

JP: I tell people she is my dream girl. She is the girl that I always wanted but never thought I would find. 

MD: With busy schedules, how do you make time for one another? 

EF: We make sure we do it together.

JP: We’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to do a lot of this together. I don’t think we could handle being apart for long periods of time so it works well.

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