John Derian Unveils a Historic New York Project

Designer and expert curator John Derian is at it again, this time brining his keen eye for photography through a partnership with Archivast. By inviting tastemakers and artisans from the worlds of art, design, film, and fashion to curate collections of images from the world's leading photo archives, Archivast seeks to allow the fans and followers of these stylish individuals to connect with them in a new way by shopping their carefully curated pop-up photo galleries. Derian has selected the works for Archivast's launch collection sourcing vintage imagery from The New York Times and the Museum of the City of New York. The photos span a variety of subject matter from society women wearing the latest fashions to the early days of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to rainy evenings in Central Park. The photographs are printed, framed, and shipped at the time of order, and custom frames sourced from vintage materials are also available. fleamarket-challenge-headers-shop
DinoThumb LadiesThumb TavernThumb
 "Dinosaurs on the Hudson," from $250, Archivast "Fashion Show for the Uptown Ladies," from $250, Archivast "Times Square Tavern," from $250, Archivast 
Click through our slideshow to see some of our favorites from Derian's picks and see the complete curated collection at Archivast.