This Is How You Decorate a Weekend Home

While we adore the buzz of the city, the country life beckons. It's this desire for a quiet retreat in nature that attracted Cain Semrad (the senior art director at fashion conglomerate Phillips-Van Heusen) and Damen Seminero (the chief technology officer for Jonathan Adler) to this "quirky gem" in the picturesque Hudson Valley. When they discovered the architectural cabin was surrounded by farms and protected wetlands they "pulled out the checkbook" and began the process of redecorating. The only issue was striking a balance between their differing design preferences. One is a minimalist, while the other is the exact opposite.

"Damen is the design instigator," Semrad told Dwell. Seminero adds: “We are both creative, with strong points of view, but I know what piece I want and for which location. Cain knows what color it should be. He also told me when to stop, if I started going overboard, and kept us non-fussy." We think they found the perfect harmony.