Jonathan Adler’s No-Fail Tips for Being a Great NYE Host

It’s easy to get a bit crazed when you’re having a holiday fête, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. I for one always end up spending too much time as a hostess refilling drinks and picking up as the night goes along to really ever enjoy myself as much as I would at a friend’s party. Thankfully, designer and style tastemaker Jonathan Adler dishes the dirt on how he and hubby Simon Doonan host an awesome NYE party that everyone will enjoy. Read on to see some of the helpful tips he gave in a recent Architectural Digest article:

The Guest List: The more, the merrier. Just make sure you follow one hard and fast rule: “… Don’t invite people you don’t like,” Adler says.

Décor: Simple is best. Adler and Doonan rely on bowls of silver balls to give their place a festive touch. They even opt for hanging a disco ball instead of mistletoe depending on the mood. Adler insists, “And if all else fails, turn the lights down—everyone will look younger and more glamorous than they really are.”

Sips to serve: Buy tons of mini Moët & Chandon champagne bottles and just stick straws in them. “Easy cleanup, and you won’t spend your evening muddling mint for some specialty cocktail you saw on Pinterest,” he says.

Entertainment: “Games are great at a soirée—they’re a nice distraction, and most people are super-competitive,” Adler says. Offer a mix to guests: Try a backgammon set and then something less classic like Cards Against Humanity.

The Mood: Don’t let anything make you sweat, because your guests will get stressed, too. “Not to get all New Agey, but I think guests respond to the host’s mood. If you’re having fun, they’ll have fun.”

To read Adler’s entire list of tips, go to Architectural Digest.

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What are your secrets to hosting a great NYE party? Let us know in the comments below!