The One Thing Actress Jordana Brewster Never Travels Without

Updated 04/24/18
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Jordana Brewster
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Between filming on location for her various TV and film roles, including the Fast and the Furious series, and vacationing with her family, actress Jordana Brewster is an expert traveler—and packer. A mom of two with a busy schedule, Brewster has mastered the art of packing efficiently and is never without her trusted travel essentials.

"I'm kind of methodical about how I pack," she tells MyDomaine. "I start days before and then I pack—this is so nerdy—but outfit by outfit, and I put everything in a separate ziplock bag so that everything's compartmentalized, and I do the same for my kids." While she describes her packing style as type-A, her meticulous methods seem to be well worth the extra planning. Curious to know exactly what's in Brewster's carry-on and how she fits all her clothes and fitness gear in one bag? Here are Brewster's foolproof packing tips to help you travel like it's your job.

In Her Carry-On

Brewster's carry-on is equal parts mom essentials and wellness products. First things first: food. "I need snacks, especially for the kids," she says. She's never without a few protein bars and some nuts. In addition to keeping snacks nearby just in case, Brewster is sure to pack her Zyrtec for consistent relief since she never knows when her allergies will hit. Next, she plans ahead to keep herself (and her kids) entertained and makes sure to pack an iPad to get through long flights. Finally, it's time for some mid-air skincare. "I also love bringing stuff to pamper myself with on the airplane," she says. You'll likely find Wander under-eye patches, Epicuren rose oil, and Lancer nourishing cream in her carry-on.

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In Her Checked Bag

When it comes to Brewster's larger luggage, her love for fitness takes up a lot of space. "I always pack at least three workout outfits and [running] shoes and my super-cushioned running socks," she says. As far as the rest of her travel attire, it's all about versatility. "Depending on where I'm going to be, I pack maybe two or three versatile blazers that could be really good for the day but then … you could also wear them with heels at night." Packing items that go from day to night and can transition from casual to formal is the key to not overpacking, according to Brewster.

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For the Kids

With two young kids, Brewster has quite a few packing tips for traveling with little ones. "I give them a responsibility," she says. She often has her kids pack their own backpacks to take on the plane with them. "I gave Julien his little backpack, and I was like this is your backpack for the plane, pick the toys you want to bring, and then, of course, he started overfilling the bag with all these little cars," Brewster recalls with a laugh. Additionally, in true mom form, she has her carry-on already stocked with snacks and is sure to bring plenty of clean-up supplies just in case. "Wipes are a big one. I always need a ton of wipes because you get pretty messy on planes," she says.

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Making It All Fit

A master packer, Brewster fits all of her clothes, workout gear, and travel essentials in her luggage by neither folding nor rolling her clothing. "I like laying [my clothes] as flat as possible because that way you get more bang for your buck as far as space," she says. Her choice of luggage is also the key to her packing success. Her favorite is a Tumi bag outfitted with a zipper and multiple compartments to keep all of her belongings safe and organized.

Another insider travel tip from Brewster is to plan ahead and ship some items in advance if you're embarking on a long trip or one that requires some extra baggage. "Shipping a bag in advance is a great travel hack," she says. "My husband does it all the time, and if you can be organized enough to do it, I think it's a great thing, especially for skiing trips or trips that just require more gear." This way you'll have all of your essentials waiting for you upon arrival.

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Take note of Brewster's travel and packing tips to prepare for your next trip like a pro.

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