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My Design Journey: Joy Moyler on Textiles, Travels, and Celebrity Clientele

Headshot of designer Joy Moyler

Photo: Joy Moyler; Graphic: MyDomaine

Designer Joy Moyler has made a name for herself in the design industry, working with high-profile clients, traveling the world, and even launching her own product line. As part of our series, My Design Journey, we spoke with the enthusiastic Moyler about what inspired her to pursue design, some of her most memorable projects, and what she enjoys most about the nature of her work.

On Establishing Her Career Path 

Moyler says that it was a trip to Spain at the age of 14 that set her career path in a clear direction.

“I became enthralled by the light, color, angles, and textures of Madrid and Barcelona,” she reflects. “I knew architecture was something I needed to do. I put ambitions of becoming a fashion designer on the burner and pursued architecture instead.” 

Before working for herself, Moyler held a series of roles at premier design firms: Skidmore, Owing's and Merrill, John Saladindo, The Office of Thierry Despont, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani Interior Design Studio. Looking back on all of this past experience, Moyler remembers the late nights and dedication with nothing but gratitude.

"More than design, the professional acumen, diligence, and organizational skills learned early on are the hallmarks of my practice today,” she says. “It’s work—none of it is really ever easy, and I am still learning today. That’s the best part of it all.” 

On Her Celebrity Clientele 

In her work, Moyler has completed high-profile projects for celebrity clients, but she explains that she has always had one foot inside this world. Moyler reflects on her childhood in Harlem, NY, where her parents would frequently host entertainers. “I was always comfortable and genuine around them,” she says. “They were always in my circle.” 

John Mayer in particular was a memorable opportunity for Moyler, given that she had been to many of his concerts. Moyler notes that working on his home in Montana was awesome, a truly memorable design experience for her.

She also spent two weeks at Adrien Brody’s home, and most notably, recalls the cocktails.

“Adrien makes a mean strawberry margarita,” she reflects. “Those have been some fun and memorable moments. There’s always fun in the work I do. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and they know nothing I ever see or hear will end up on TMZ." 

Office with guitars and built in bookshelves.

Joy Moyler

On Her Projects Overseas

Moyler engages in international projects, which she greatly enjoys. She shares with us that traveling for work has taken her to places she's only dreamt about. Before the pandemic, she was on the go quite often—Moyler was flying to London every three weeks for two years. “It was exhausting, but I loved it,” she says.

Moyler has also been working on a restored villa in Portofino, Italy, for over two years. “It never feels like work—my clients are amazing,” she explains, “It’s the perfect opportunity to combine my loves: design and travel.” 

On Joys and Challenges in Her Work 

Moyler draws great happiness from the people she engages with through her work.

“The most joy comes from working with incredible artisans and craftspeople all over the world, creating beautiful pieces for each residence,” she reflects. “That never gets old. I realize what a blessing this part of my life and profession is, and do not take it lightly.”

The past two years, of course, have brought about many challenges for designers everywhere. “It’s very disheartening, but clients understand it's a world issue and are patient,” Moyler says of supply chain delays. 

Bathroom in cottage attic space with freestanding tub.

Joy Moyler

On Finding Inspiration

The well-traveled, well-connected Moyler appreciates the inspiration she finds close to home—at the local library.

“My New York Public Library card is one of my most treasured possessions,” she says. “I spend a lot of time on the floor combing through dusty old books on Baroque design, Japanese textiles and style, and much more. I can look at a book, travel the world, and be lost for hours.” 

On Her Own Design Style

A simple girl at heart, Moyler can't help but be drawn to maximalism as well, even if only in her head, she shares. Working with textiles has also captured her heart.

“I love textiles of every type,” she notes. “I enjoy displaying cultural textiles in a quiet setting. That works for me. I’m constantly considering big patterns on my walls and have drawn some things in chalk to get used to the idea of their permanence.” 

Vintage inspired bedroom with wallpaper and art above bed.

Joy Moyler

On Joy Moyler Atelier

Moyler launched a dining collection and pieces can be purchased through her website. “I have always adored anything tabletop,” she notes. “I’d go to lunch with my mom or dinner at someone’s home and always flip the china to see who designed it.”

Creating her own line had always been a goal, but the process took time—and it has some local NYC significance, too. “Joy Moyler Atelier was developed one day while studying architectural motifs and elements from landmark residential towers along NYC’s Central Park West: The Majestic, The Beresford, The Dakota,” she says.

Sales took off, right from the beginning. “It started with a small range, just to put my toe in the water,” Moyler notes. “Almost everything sold out on the first run. We’ve added a few more pieces and replenished the ‘Beresford’ cup and saucer, which continues to be the biggest seller.” Don't worry—more items will be produced in the coming months. 

On What’s Next for Moyler 

Despite her hectic schedule, Moyler doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. More international projects are in the works, she shares, plus her tabletop line will continue to expand next year. Moyler also looks forward to continuing to write her column, "Joy of Design" for Veranda Magazine.

"I'm taking on whatever other blessings the world has for me," she says. "I’m ready."