Would You Buy the World's Most Expensive Juicer?

Updated 09/23/16

The next billion-dollar idea out of Silicon Valley might have nothing to do with drone delivery, self-driving cars, or space tourism. Instead, it’s kale, celery, and beets that are about to be revolutionized. That’s because Juicero, the hottest start-up in the tech mecca, is set to debut this week. Described as the “Keurig for fresh juice,” the brainchild of Doug Evans has already raised a whopping $120 million from some major investors, including Google’s David Krane, who called Juicero “the most complicated business that I’ve ever funded.”

What’s so complicated about a glass of cold-pressed juice, you ask? Well, the sleek, easy-to-use countertop appliance will extract its high-quality juice from packets of 100 percent raw and organic produce. It’s an innovation that completely eliminates the time-consuming prep work and maintenance that normally goes hand-in-hand with home juicing.

Juicero Blender $700

Also impressive is the infrastructure that’s been built around the juicer. Juicero comes equipped with a smartphone app that will track which juices are most popular and recommend recipes accordingly. The packs themselves will come from a massive food processing plant, where workers will triple wash, chop, mix, and pack the high-quality (read: organic) produce.

With such a complex ecosystem, a glass of Juicero’s high-end cold-pressed juice won’t come cheap. The juice packs themselves will retail between $4 and $10 dollars, while the machine will go for $700. The steep price point may dissuade non–health fanatics from splurging, but it’s an appealing product for women on-the-go. The juice revolution starts when Juicero is rolled out in California this week, and nationwide in the very near future.

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