Your July Horoscope Is Here—and It's GOOD

Updated 03/24/17

At MyDomaine, we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that then get some foresight from the stars? Each month, we’ll be bringing you your horoscope along with a power product to help you get through the month, handpicked by our resident horoscope expert, Rose Theodora. If you’re changing careers, moving into a new home, or getting married, consider yourself in good hands. Ahead, Theodora shares what to expect this month—and what you'll need to get through it.

July is Cancer season—ruling all things home and family. The zodiac sign is synonymous with emotion, self-nurture, self-trust, and instinct. When the sun and planets Venus and Mercury all reside in Cancer, it's time to feel safe, even when we're vulnerable. We're learning to value our emotions and to trust that expressing vulnerability means we're opening ourselves to a life that's richer and more authentic.

July is all about getting emotionally healthy and valuing our emotions and those of others. There will be a new moon on July 4, just in time for Independence Day! It's no surprise that the birth of the United States falls under the sign Cancer—the sign of the mother and the home. July is not only about emotional wellness, it's also about caring for your home, and devoting time and energy to your family and friends.

There will be a full moon on July 19 in Capricorn, Cancer's opposite sign. Capricorn shows us what has been maturating in our lives and where we need to be responsible, but it also speaks to where we control our emotions rather than express them. Like any full moon, you'll want to let go of something to make room for more balance—in this case, you should strive to balance your work and home life. See what's in store for you this month, and pick up your power product to help you make the most of it.

July is about family matters. The new moon on July 4 allows you to go deep and to connect with your loved ones. Work will take a backseat, and it should. Focus on showing more vulnerability, expressing your true feelings, and getting in touch with your inner child. Bouts of anger may surface, but try to channel them creatively—the key here is to embrace nostalgia. Recall what it was like to be a child, to play, to trust blindly, to follow your bliss. Optimal dates to express your creativity are July 11, when you'll free mentally lighter.

Remember: more feeling and less reacting in July. 

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Patience is your greatest virtue, and so is perseverance—you'll need it this month. As an earth sign, you're always preoccupied with money, but this month, you need to stay open and flexible with your finances, particularly between July 7 to 11. During the last two weeks of the month, you can expect to receive support from family members. Try to focus less on money and more on orchestrating a work/life balance, which you will achieve in July. Redecorate your home, connect with your parents, be more patient with your partner, and give others the same freedom that you wish to have—especially when it comes to communication.

Stay in and rest a while; it will soothe your nerves.

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You like puzzles more than anyone, and lately, fitting the pieces together has been seeming complex. You've invested your time and effort, but you're still waiting to see how everything will fit together. In July, you start to make sense of it all. The new moon on July 4 will give you a jump-start, and you should finally start to see some returns on your efforts. In the meantime, focus on reconnecting with family and expressing your heartfelt feelings. Things are still settling, but communication strengthens after the July 22. Create a vision board to gain a clearer understanding of your goals.

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Happy birthday, Cancer! July is your power month. Take the opportunity to share your most innate characteristics with the world—your intuition, your sensitivity, and your artistic sensibility. You're ruled by the moon's ebb and flow, and the new moon in your sign on July 4 represents a new year for you. Make a big wish for the future.

Your home is always extremely important to you, but this month will be about finding your comfort in the world, and feeling confident about who you are. Let go of whatever you no longer need and embrace who you want to become. Focus on creating a solid psychological home that allows you to go anywhere.

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You spent all of June networking, but this month, you need to be reflective. Think about how impactful your choices can be on those around you, and get real about what you'd like to create in the world. This month, you have three auspicious dates: You'll feel more beautiful July 12—something you haven't experienced lately. On July 13, communication will feel easier, and you'll want to start keeping track of your dreams. They hold the answers to your next steps, so pay attention. The new moon on July 4 will also bring you money opportunities.

After July 22, it's officially your turn to take center stage, so congratulate yourself on all you've accomplished so far.

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July is a powerful yet disorienting month for you. You are known for being pragmatic, and at times, you even neglect your self-care as a personal sacrifice to take care of more important things. This month, you'll want to focus more on yourself. Create an environment that connects you to your spiritual self, so that you have a deeper understanding of your needs. This will help you not get caught off-guard in the months to come. The new moon on July 4 brings social opportunities that could feel uncomfortable, but they are worth the social anxiety—put yourself out there, and be open to discovering something new.

After July 30, communication will flow effortlessly again.

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Generally speaking, July is about the home and finding our center, but for you, Libra, it's about orchestrating a better work/life balance. This month requires that you rest fully each night so that you can be more productive, more decisive, and more centered. The new moon on July 4 will shine on your career aspirations—it would be a great day to present a project or to connect with others. The full moon on July 19 allows you to catch up on rest and get rid of clutter at home. You are in an acceleration period where the life that you're building needs a firm and clear foundation for which to grow.

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July is a thriving month for you. You have more energy, more directed passion, and want nothing more than to move forward on your plans. Mars, your ruling planet, was in retrograde from April 14 until June 29, and it recently woke up. This means you're anxious to get the ball rolling. Patience will be key this month, and so will be channeling your energy properly and avoiding any unnecessary fighting. Be loving and patient when it comes to your significant other.

On July 22, your career will become your focal point. Until then, nurture your relationships. The new moon on July 4 will be especially potent for you, highlighting your resources and igniting your passion about commitment.

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Lighten the load so you can feel free again. July is about purging, detoxing, and letting go of emotional inhibitions so that you can blaze ahead lighter and more connected to the present. Spend the first half of the month healing yourself and honoring your feelings—especially on July 4. On July 22, the sun moves into Leo, which will ignite your passion and love of travel—plan something fun, and try going somewhere new! You'll be feeling like the newest version of yourself in no time. Get ready to conquer the world and grace it with your knowledge.

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The new moon on July 4 is about reconnecting with your other half. Relationships are an important part of evolution, and it's necessary that you focus on them this month. Put yourself in your partner's shoes—whether in business, friendship, or in love. Sometimes our partners are here to teach us patience, and other times, they are there to teach us to value ourselves. The realms of your subconscious are being energized so that you can connect more deeply to others. The full moon on July 19 will allow you to get rid of emotional hang-ups and restrictions you've placed on yourself.

They have prevented you from forming close relationships with others, but that's about to change.

Your July Power Product: New window dressings—they are metaphorical for gaining a new perspective.

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Your focus in July should be to become more well-rounded. For example, becoming physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially fit. You're not one to sacrifice your personal freedom, and you will typically shy away from anything that threatens your independence. However, you'll need to make an exception in July, especially after the 22nd. If you're single, it looks like someone is interested in you. Work on opening yourself up more and nurturing all aspects of yourself so that you feel more confident and secure about sharing yourself with someone else.

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July is a stellar month for you! The only thing is you'll need to take off your rose-colored glasses, in order to see how good your life really is. It's easy to complain about how we want things to be, but if you'll just open your eyes, you'll recognize all that you can be grateful for. The new moon on July 4 brings more opportunities to you. Plan to be more social for the rest of the month. Cooking would be a great way to stay health-conscious while entertaining others. Plan something fun on July 3 and 4, and indulge in your creative side on July 5.

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