This Month Our Editors Want to Solve Your Small-Space Woes

Hello, MyDomaine readers! Each month, we'll share a letter from our editorial director, Sacha Strebe, to highlight our monthly theme (see our June letter) and give you a first look at the inspiring content we have planned. This month, we're talking about the challenges of decorating a rental with tips and tricks for opening up small spaces.

small space decorating ideas: living room
Nicole Franzen

As someone who loves to decorate, I often dream of owning my own house one day and having the freedom to do whatever I want to it. Recently that itch to become a first-time homeowner flared up into a rash, and I was desperate to buy. After some extensive searching, however, and a few house visits, my husband and I realized the Los Angeles bubble economy was too competitive (and insanely expensive) for us to realize that dream right now, so we sadly took our hat out of the ring (and I bought a cortisone cream for that itch).

It's not to say that we won't ever buy a house, but the prices in Silverlake and surrounding areas are way out of our current budget, and we're not prepared to move to the suburbs just yet. Rising home prices, fears of an impending housing crash, and student debt are some of the many reasons there are more renters in the U.S. than ever before. In fact, millennials have been coined the renter generation, and to be perfectly honest, what is so wrong with renting anyway?

We've always been a very transient couple and hate the feeling of being tied down for too long—we moved our family to L.A. from Australia three years ago. If you're anchored to a house, it's much harder to uproot your family and move to a city for a job opportunity. Renting gives many of us the flexibility we crave and oftentimes need. So as the average U.S. house size shrinks, small-space living is on the rise, but that doesn't mean our homes have to skimp on style.

This month we take a look at the real-world challenges renters face when decorating small spaces with expert-approved tips—including what not to do—along with affordable home décor recommendations from MyDomaine editors that will transform your rental into a home.

3 Stories to Read on MyDomaine This Month:

Real-Girl Rental: We take a peek inside the NY and L.A. rental apartments of our MyDomaine editors. Each editor will explain how they approached the design of their small spaces (and in one case, a one-bedroom studio) along with the products they used to open them up. We'll also be asking you, our readers, to share images of your own rental homes for a chance to be featured in a story on

#MyFirst Home: We speak to first-time home-owners on the pros and cons of buying a home, how to save for your deposit, what to buy, what they wish they knew before they bought, along with the hidden costs that are involved along the way, and so much more. Tweet us with your questions too!

Her Domaine: This time we put the spotlight on my small rental apartment in Los Angeles. I worked closely with the NYC-based interior designer, Tali Roth of Homepolish to determine the right layout for my two-bedroom home, and after almost six months, we finally photographed the end result. I can't wait for you to see how we transformed the dining and living area.

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