Letter From the Editor: How Powerful Storytelling Can Help Us Find Common Ground

Updated 06/05/18

Hello, MyDomaine readers! Each month, we'll share a letter from our editorial director, Sacha Strebe, to highlight our monthly theme (see our May letter) and give you a first look at the inspiring content we have planned. This month, we're talking about the importance of finding common ground and celebrating our differences through powerful storytelling.

letter from the editor
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When was the last time you experienced the warmth and support of an outstretched hand your way? It's a simple gesture, but so often we forget the immense impact something so small can have on those around us. The ripple effect of that one action can be felt for miles, and it costs absolutely nothing to do it. Of course, in this world of conflict and political unrest, it isn't always the easy choice.

So how can we find common ground with those who don't agree with us or react with negative and sometimes even caustic behavior? Well, this month, we're taking heed of Sarah Silverman's alternative approach and responding with kindness. Yes, we know it seems counterintuitive, but the comedian proved it works when she responded to a troll's sexist tweet by reaching out and helping him.

Rather than fueling the fire, Silverman used compassion in a bid to seek understanding and diffuse any negativity and hatred. And it worked. Not only did it help him, but it had that ripple effect I mentioned earlier with an overwhelmingly positive influence on the online community who applauded her for her actions and learned about the power of empathy and kindness even in the face of adversity.

We're helping these ripples spread even further with our June theme, which will continue to promote understanding and tolerance by celebrating our differences through powerful storytelling. We'll also take an in-depth look at the traditional expectations of gender and the impact our sexuality can have on our lives from career to relationships and more.

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Brady Tolbert

1. We chat with Brady Tolbert, editorial director of Emily Henderson, and his partner, Jason Haro, in their L.A. home about work, life, and love. Tolbert talks about his experience being raised Mormon and the close relationship he has developed with his family as a result of coming out, along with many lessons he's learned along the way and how that can inspire others in his position. It's an inspiring read.

2. Gabrielle Richardson, the co-creator of Art Hoe Collective, is on a mission to provide a safe space for creatives of color without judgment. In our interview, Richardson speaks of her plight to raise awareness in this artistic space, why this visibility is so needed, and the power of art to spread messages of understanding and tolerance in the wider community.

3. It's now more important than ever to teach our children about the power of diversity and celebrate our differences. This month we pen an informative piece that not only empowers our children but also highlights the often (un)conscious prejudices we can have against people from other countries. We unpack the many ways in which immigrants and people of color have been historically "othered" and the action we can all take to work against that through education at home with ourselves and our children, regardless of background and country of origin.

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