Of Course Justin O'Shea Has Released the Most Handsome Bottle of Gin

Updated 11/14/17
Goldy Gin by Justin O'Shea
Getty Images / Timur Emek

You’ve probably seen him snapped for his impeccable street style, but the truth is, Australian-born Justin O’Shea is also an entrepreneur at heart, with his latest business endeavour seeing him dip his toes into the liquor scene. Today, with his business partner Maurice Terzini, O'Shea is launching a very handsome bottle of gin, titled Goldy. Defined as “basic and straight to the point” the brand has also described the gin as the perfect addition to G&T’s and classic cocktails alike.

O’Shea says of the collaboration, “When Goldy began I went to Maurice and told him about it. He was immediately down with the project. However it wasnʼt until we did the tasting that we decided to work on a bigger partnership for Australia. Thatʼs what makes this partnership special. Itʼs based not only on friendship, but quality.”

For Sydney and Melbourne folk you can try the gin at L'Americano Espresso Bar, Bondi Icebergs, The Dolphin HotelMayfair, and Romeo Lane, with more venues to be added to the list shortly. And the duo has also managed to secure some impressive international partners, from the Hemingway Bar in The Ritz, Caviar Kaspia, and the Chiltern Firehouse in Selfridges, with all the venues chosen based on where Justin likes to eat, drink and sleep, which means you're guaranteed a chic experience. 

Who else is down for a Tuesday tipple?

Visit Dan Murphy's to shop your own bottle of gin, if you can't make it to the above venues.

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