Kaelen Haworth: Hunter Gatherer

THE DOSSIER: NAME: Kaelen Haworth. TRADE: Fashion designer. VIBE: Authentically quirky. ABODE: Spacious (for Manhattan!) two-bedroom in the East Village, New York.

Fashion designer Kaelen Haworth often cites her mother as her formative sartorial influence; the woman whose glam dinner party style informed her daughter's modern twist on the sexy secretary uniform. But step inside the spacious East Village apartment Haworth shares with her husband Simon, and you'll find that it's her father, purveyor of antiques store Murron's Cabinetree in Haworth's native Canada, who's influenced her maximalist approach to decor. The space is so masterfully un-styled that we half-expected Felicity or Chandler--or any number of fictional television characters who inhabit unrealistically fabulous Manhattan abodes--to walk in and flop down onto one of their vintage worn leather chairs.

PERSONAL NOSTALGIA Many of the couple's possessions reference their family tree; the farmhouse dining room table comes from Haworth's father's store, as do the aforementioned chairs. The record collection, which is housed in milk crates, is anchored by a substantial donation from both sets of parents. And the brick wall art gallery in the living room includes a handprint by Kaelen's nephew, a sepia-toned photo of Simon's great ancestors, and an Escher-style drawing of the Bermuda Triangle by his Bermudan father. The Ryan McGinley? Well, that just looks cool.

MR FIX IT Given the hoarder-chic dynamic at play, it comes in handy, literally, that Simon has a knack for constructing rustic modern storage solutions: "He builds a lot of things in the house; our bookshelves, the wine glass rack, the shelf in the bathroom," Kaelen says. "He uses shipping palettes and vintage crates because he likes things to look a bit rough and undone."

BACKGROUND CHECK Everything here has a story, or looks like it has one: The cherry red moped is an eBay find that traveled all the way from Alabama. The antique Louis Vuitton chest at the end of the bed? The result of an arduous search for a specimen with "a little bit of ruined" to it. And the mismatched dining room chairs were sourced from a range of places including ABC Carpet & Home to achieve the perfect mix of weathered styles.

NO PRO "I know that having someone come in and design or decorate the apartment would make it beautiful, but the fun part is going out and finding all of this stuff. It's nice to hunt for something," Kaelen says. And if every so often that hunt requires extra commitment, the Haworths are more than up to the task. "We are obsessed with our Environment platform bed, but it took three months to be made for us," Haworth says. "So, while we waited for it, we slept on the floor." No one said looking this good would be easy.




Patinated Steel Chair, Vintage Glass Bottles
ABC Carpet & Home
Walrus Bust, Black Pendant Light
John Derian
Striped Blanket
Hudson's Bay Company
Vintage Army Chest
Counter Stools
Navajo Wall Hanging
Love Adorned
Bedroom Planters
Bar Cart
Area ID
Le Labo Candles
Barneys New York



Photographs: Justin Coit