3 Recipes for Kale Chips You'll Keep Making on Repeat

Ever have a long day and grab a bag of chips on your way home? There's something about the salty taste and crunchy texture that's just, well, comforting. It doesn't hurt that chips come in all different flavors—sour cream and onion, barbecue, dill pickle—you name it; it exists. Needless to say, carbs aren't our best friends for many reasons, the biggest being that they are overly processed and sap us of our energy. But what if we said there’s an alternative to potato chips that’s salty, satisfying, and actually good for you? That's where our favorite kale chip recipes come in. 

These chips may not be made from potatoes, but the antioxidant-packed veggie has a natural crispiness when baked with olive oil and spices in the oven. Plus, kale chips are filling, and you can also season them however you please. Bonus points that most kale chip recipes let you leave them in the oven while you go and watch an episode of TV (how easy is that?). We're sharing three of our absolute favorite kale chip recipes that are so good, we swear there won't be any leftovers. Scroll down to see our go-tos. 


kale chip recipes

This kale chip recipe calls for your favorite type of the green—dinosaur kale. Once washed, simply rub a bit of extra virgin olive oil on each leaf (front and back) and season with salt and pepper and any other spices you may like. This version requires you cook them low and slow for maximum goodness. 


kale chip recipes
Minimalist Baker

If you're a fan of flavored potato chips, then this deliciously cheesy kale chip recipe is for you. Can we also call out that these chips are vegan? A combo of nutritional yeast, ground cashews, and ground sunflower seeds gives the greens a garlicky and cheesy flavoring without the guilt. You can also whip them up in 30 minutes flat, so get started right now (and then make them again for your next party).


kale chip recipes
Minimalist Baker

Kale chips get the reputation of being only a snack, but when topped with a few extra ingredients, they make a nutritional and tasty lunch or dinner as well. This kale chip nacho recipe uses the greens as a base and pan-fried sliced sweet potatoes, black beans, avocado, and salsa as your toppings. Be sure to store any extras separately—leftover kale chips also are best left at room temperature in a sealed, airtight container. But, like we said, we'll be shocked if you have extras.

Which kale chip recipe do you want to make first?

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