Karl Lagerfeld's Former Gramercy Park Apartment Is Not What You Think

Karl Lagerfeld’s former New York apartment is up for rent, but it’s not what you think it is. The mere mention of the Chanel boss’s name invokes imagery of high fashion and mind-boggling spectacle, but the fashion polymath’s former Gramercy Park pad is decidedly more low-key after he put it up for sale in 2011.

In fact, Lagerfeld never actually moved into the three-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom apartment after purchasing it for $6.69 million back in 2006. It sounds absurd, but when one has residences in Brittany, Monte Carlo, Vermont, Paris, and Hamburg as Lagerfeld does, another apartment is, well, just another apartment.

After being purchased in 2011 by the banker Sebastian Barrack, the 2151-square-foot apartment is currently listed at $25,000 per month. It’s a steep asking price, but thanks to a special little feature, it might just be worth it. Sure, the chef’s kitchen that includes stainless steel countertops, the master bedroom’s soaking tub, and the floor-to-ceiling windows sound nice, but the real pièce de résistance is the highly coveted key that gives tenants access to Gramercy Park—one of the city’s two private parks.

Tenants also gain access to the Gramercy Park Hotel’s many amenities, which coupled with the key to the park, might be worth the asking price alone.

Learn more about the fashion impresario with a copy of The World According to Karl, and tell us if you'd be willing to spend $25,000 a month on his former apartment.